Company Profile

Bowh Inventory was founded in 1998 with one essential goal – to increase the profitability of small to mid-sized retail companies. BOWH accomplishes this goal by providing high-quality, comprehensive point-of-sale systems and consulting services. BOWH has exceeded its goals in each of the last seven years of operation and plans to double in size over the next year. During this growth, BOWH has formed a management team with extensive experience in retail physical inventories. In a recent customer survey, BOWH’s clients expressed that this team offers high-quality, accurate services that are were not previously available to them. In this survey, over 98% of BOWH’s customers rated BOWH’s services as excellent and would recommend the services to other retailers. BOWH’s clients are headquartered throughout the United States with many having stores located throughout the country. BOWH maintains regional offices in New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Maine, Buffalo, Houston, Las Vegas and Georgia.

Commitment to Quality

At BOWH, we are very confident that you will be pleased with the professionalism, thoroughness and accuracy of our services. Our proven systems, techniques and products give us the ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued customers. We are committed to work with our customers until they are satisfied with the outcome. Our most important asset is our customers!