Rental Services.

Bowh Inventory has served small to medium businesses providing quality barcode reader rentals at an affordable price since 1998. We have an outstanding history of customer service working with all types of customers:
  • Department Stores  
  • Furniture Retailers 
  • Specialty Tea Shops
  • Woman’s and Men’s Clothing and Accessory Retailers
  • Children’s Clothing and Accessory Retailers
  • Gun Retailers
  • Non-Profit
  • Gift Shops
  • Liquor Stores
  • Big Box Sporting Retailers
  • Shoe Stores
  • Pro Shops
  • and many

Pricing – Our pricing is simple; $100 a week per PDT/Laptop (plus shipping) with volume discounts available for larger and extended lease rentals. Our rental period is based on a 7-day in-house period. All equipment will need to be received back at our rental office 9 days from the date received. We do not up-charge for shipping, customers are charged the actual UPS or FedEx shipping charges.

     Software – We provide the most advanced versatile, user friendly, redundant retail inventory software in the industry as part of the unit rental. Our proprietary inventory software “The Scan Solution” is so user friendly and stable even the most novice of users masters it in minutes, yet it performs nearly any function you could need with complete ease.

  • Eliminate Data Loss Your scan information can never be lost. Every time a location is closed the scan information is saved on storage card, installed in the unit.
  • Eliminate bad/invalid scans by verifying scans against your UPC/SKU file while scanning.

 *If you have special software requirements, we can customize our programs to fit your needs.

     Customer Service – Included in the rental price is 24/7 support! We realize that most inventories take place before and after store hours. Simply inform your support agent in advance of your after-hour support needs and we will provide you with support you need. Our support is unmatched!

     Hardware – We rent the Symbol PDT 8100/8146 which runs on the Microsoft Mobile platform, has 64MB Ram/Rom, and 1GB flash storage, the Symbol PDT3100 series, or the Symbol SPT17/1800.