Our software “The Scan Solution” is so user friendly and stable even the
most novice of users master it in minutes yet it’s stability, performance, and functionality are impossible to beat.

The Scan Solution eliminates bad/invalid scans by verifying scans
against your UPC/SKU file while scanning. The verification process is instantaneous, the user does not experience any delay whatsoever no matter the size of the SKU/UPC file. Wireless features are not required for this process as your SKU/UPC file is loaded onto each unit. Every unit has a capacity of 64MB to work with and 1GB of storage, so the size of your UPC/SKU file will not be a problem.


Software Unless otherwise requested all of our Symbol PDT8100/8146 units are preloaded with our proprietary inventory software.

Data transfers are handled either via Microsoft Active Sync or wirelessly, both of which make data transfers at approx. 1MB per
minute. Your SKU/UPC file is compressed and then zipped before the file transfer, so that rarely if ever does a file transfer take longer than 1 minute.

Eliminate Data Loss with The Scan Solution.
Your scan information can never be lost. Every time a location is closed the scan information is saved on storage card, installed in the unit. This means that even if the handheld device were to be broken in half, the storage card with the scan data could be removed from the unit and your scan data taken directly from it. You couldn’t lose your data if you tried. When you are purging data to start a new inventory The Scan Solution creates a copy of your
current scan data. So that even after starting a new inventory the user could retrieve the scan information from
previous inventories.

The PDT software will never have to be reinstalled. The Scan Solution software and all of the handheld settings are hard-boot and power loss persistent. This means even if the handheld device lost power and was not charged for months the program and all of your data would start up just as you left it when the handheld device is recharged and powered up. All of your software and settings are hard-boot persistent!

Perform numerous high-level functions directly on the handheld device. The Scan Solution software allows the user to change location IDs, delete entire locations, review the scans.
in a location, delete individual scans, scan by quantity, and change scan quantities, all in the PDT while scanning.
Your location IDs can be any length and contain any data type; numbers/text/symbols. The Scan Solution can also be used for transfers and receiving with many POS systems. If you have special needs, we can customize our software to
your specifications.

Manage your entire inventory from one point. We provide laptops loaded with our proprietary inventory management software, which allows the user to work with the data from
multiple handheld units. The laptop software has all of the functionality of The Scan Solution as well as the ability to run numerous reports, print location data, and create a final formatted file (built to your POS specifications) for
import into your POS system. We can also custom build any specific customer reporting, needs, or requests you may have.